Winter Season Pre-Ordering

Important Dates:

Wrestling: Pre-ordering is closed

Ski & Snowboarding: Pre-ordering is closed

Curling: Pre-ordering is closed

*Please read*

  • Pre-Order closing dates for each event are final. If you missed the pre-order window, apparel will still be available for purchase on-site at the event and/or online again once the event is over.
  • All orders placed during this pre-order period are to be picked up on-site at your event. Any orders not picked up on-site will be subject to shipping charges. Once the shipping fee has been paid your order will then be shipped to the address provided on the order.
  • It is strongly recommended that you place your orders as one team order instead of multiple individual orders. This will ensure that all apparel associated with your group is packed all together upon delivery to the event site making it easier to pickup.